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Haasvlakte Hall, along the R43, outside Bredasdorp (close to Elim)
GPS coordinates: 34º38.273" S 19º51.381" E
The Nuwejaars Wetland Special Management Area is situated in the Agulhas Plain - a renowned biodiversity hotspot. The Plain is a low-lying coastal area of around 270,000 hectares at the southerly most tip of Africa. The Agulhas Plain is a roughly triangular area, stretching from Stanford to the Breede River and down to the southern tip of Africa.

The area forms part of the Cape Floristic Region, one of only six plant kingdoms found globally. As a result, it holds crucial natural capital, including some of the biologically richest, yet most threatened, vegetation types. The area is also home to 112 Red Data Book plant species, many on the verge of extinction, and it is therefore an important component of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

The Nuwejaars Wetland Special Management Area is an area 45,600 hectares, of which 22,000 hectares is made up of core conservation land. The Special Management Area borders on the Agulhas National Park, which is run by SANParks. The SMA encompasses the Nuwejaars Wetland Ecosystem, including two natural coastal lakes, Soetendalsvlei and Voëlvlei. The former is the largest natural freshwater lake in the country connected to the sea. This vlei in turn leads to the De Mond Estuary, a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance.
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The Nuwejaars Wetland SMA is rehabilitating its key areas and cultural features. More
Our tourism venture will include training for operators and entrepreneurs. More
Production and food security is enhanced through sustainable use of land. More
Sustainably-utilised products will prove a key
economic driver for communities here.
By developing the SMA's infrastructure, we can
unlock the area's sustainable capital.
Enhancing the wellbeing of all who live here is an imperative for the SMA. More