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Video Gallery
Smaller mammals like the Marsh Mongoose and the Egyptian Mongoose live in the wetlands in the Nuwejaars Wetland Special Management Area. These mongooses are generally shy, and can mostly be seen at night. The Marsh Mongoose is usually alone, although in our footage we have seen two roaming the area together. The Egyptian Mongoose is the largest of the African mongooses.
Honey Badger (Ratel)
Although honey badgers live within the Nuwejaars Wetland Special Management Area (SMA), they are very rarely actually seen. As a result, we were lucky to capture any footage at all of the badger roaming the wetland areas. Honey badgers are known to be tough and fearless animals, capable of wearing out and beating considerably larger animals in a fight.They're often thought to kill sheep in agricultural areas, but in fact usually only feed on sheep that are already dead. Landowners within the SMA certainly aim to conserve these fascinating animals.
The Nuwejaars Wetland Special Management Area is home to numerous rare and exquisite birds. Fish eagles are commonly found here, and Marshall eagles are also seen passing overhead. Marsh Harriers are generally found in the wetland areas within the SMA. And then there are the smaller species - more easily caught on camera: the wagtail, the Cape Spurfowl, and of course, the ostrich.
Caracal (Rooikat)
The caracal (rooikat) is often considered a problem animal, preying on sheep. However, in the Nuwejaars Wetland Special Management we consider the caracal a vital part of the biodiversity. Studies have shown that dominant cats live in an area, and generally keep intruders away (as some of our footage shows) - and we try to maintain that balance. What's more, research has also shown caracal mostly prey on vlei rats and guinea fowl. Our footage captures a caracal, and its kittens, living within our wetland area.
Mongoose (Muishond)
Birds (Cape Spurfowl and wagtail)
The Nuwejaars Wetland Special Management Area has a number of cameras placed across the area. The cameras have captured our wildlife and birdlife at work, from the bullying hippos to the shy honey badger. In particular, our videos show what these characters get up to at the dead of night. From the footage taken at the vlei where they live, we know the hippo bull to be in good health. He's also very inquisitive, and the camera has taken the brunt of his curious nature many a time.
Elim Wine Growers Introduction
The Elim Wine Growers. Spectacular wines are the order of the day for four wine producing partners in the Elim ward.

Within the Special Management Area, tourists will also be able to visit the Elim wine ward - the newest wine ward in South Africa. Situated close to the small town of Elim, four sets of vineyards and wine cellars now produce top quality grapes. These are
Black Oystercatcher Wines, Strandveld Wines, The Berrio and Zoetendal Wines.

Their slogan, 'Real wine, Real people', captures the essence of this small hamlet, where there is no better place to experience flavoursome wines, delectable cuisine and genuine hospitality.