Environmental Education

The Nuwejaars Wetlands Special Management Area is home to awe-inspiring animals and plants. 


That’s why we want to showcase our natural world, to help others – especially young children – experience these wonders for themselves.



The Nuwejaars Wetlands Special Management Area allows children to enter a new world – a world of wonder at nature’s secrets and ingenuity. 

Here children can experience the complex Fynbos and Renosterveld plants, the open wetlands, and all the animals that live here. They can see and hear what this Overberg countryside has to offer. They can get their knees just a little dirty touching nature. And they can learn about how we protect our landscapes and waterscapes.

The Nuwejaars Wetlands SMA now brings school groups out to visit the area where requested. From small, rural farm schools, to larger schools, classes of varying ages are hosted here.

How children are introduced to our nature: 

During the trip, the children enjoy a full outdoors programme (if the weather permits it). It includes lessons on nature, and the opportunity to experience it in new and innovative ways. Lessons are interactive, fun and age-appropriate. And they take place in a safe environment, overseen by relevant staff (with support from teachers or parents).

The aim? To help young people reconnect with our natural world, to encourage future lives that live in harmony with nature, and to foster future leaders who care as deeply for our planet as we do.

And what about the adults? 

We don’t just provide outings for children. Our environmental education programme also encourages adults to experience the environment. We support field trips for adults through appropriate experiential and learning opportunities. 

More information

For more information, contact Liesbet. Email: liesbet@nuwejaars.com.

Some of our past school trips in the Nuwejaars Wetlands SMA


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