Economic sustainability

If we want to reach social and environmental sustainability, the Nuwejaars Wetlands Special Management Area must achieve economic sustainability.


That means finding nature-based and sustainable income-generating opportunities.



All income made by the Special Management Area goes to our Section 21 Not-for-Profit company – with that income used to manage our conservation and social work.

And so we sustainably use biodiversity products where we can. Like our beautiful wildlife (through our nature-based tours or buffalo breeding), or other natural resources.

Our buffalo, for example, are disease-free and therefore sought-after in the country. We market those buffalo that may get pushed out of the herd, and use that income for our conservation efforts.

How we’ve used our invasive alien plants:

Alien plant material, too, has been used for economic purposes. With funding secured from the German government, the Nuwejaars Wetlands team bought two chippers. Aliens that were cut were chipped, and these woods chips were used as biodiversity products: in Eco-Log structures in peat rehydration-wetland projects.

The Nuwejaars team also sells compost (made from the alien tree chips). This supports our vision to bring new life to the SMA’s soil – to increase productivity and help us to build resilience into agriculture given the challenges created by climate change.

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