Use Our Assets

We’re positioning ourselves to unlock the area’s sustainable capital.


What does this mean? Well, as the Nuwejaars Wetlands team, we must take advantage of our physical assets – like the infrastructure we’ve put in place.



Through funding received from the German government, physical infrastructure was built throughout the Special Management Area.

Our buffalo boma – at the heart of the SMA

Perhaps the greatest success was the construction of the buffalo boma – considered to be the best planned and developed in the Southern Cape.

The boma is positioned to give tourists ideal viewing opportunities. And camps were constructed for the buffalo to live in. We also built facilities so that vets could work with the buffalo, and ramps were built for loading animals for translocation.

What’s more, a 120km-long game fence was erected across the SMA. We did a lot of planning before we started – making sure to fence in core conservation areas and buffer zones, and fence out agricultural land.

The aim? To make sure natural corridors weren’t broken up by the fencing.


Why we’re protecting natural corridors:

These corridors are vital in the face of climate change: they allow animals and vegetation to move out of areas over the long-term, as changing temperatures affect them. Without this, survival won’t be possible.

We also bought infrastructure to climate-proof the Special Management Area. Working with SANParks, and through funds from the German government, we bought a custom-made fire engine and other fire-fighting equipment.

The Agulhas Plain is badly affected by invasive alien species. And this makes the threat of wildfire even greater – with devastating effects.

So, with this new equipment, the Nuwejaars Wetlands members are now better prepared – thereby better protecting our natural capital and those jobs dependent on it.

In a smart partnership, we work with the Overberg District Municipality 

They use our fire engine to fight fire across the Overberg area (and beyond). That’s also resulted in an innovative and strong partnership with the Greater Overberg Fire Protection Association.

Together these facilities (along with our new road infrastructure, Special Management Area signage, and all our tourist amenities) are key in securing the long-term management of the area, and the wellbeing of all who live here.

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