Two bird species are yet to be seen in Overberg 150km Challenge this year. And now we need your help to find them in the Overberg – before the year-end.

In our Overberg Challenge (part of our Target Species Project, funded by the Tygerberg Bird Club), the Nuwejaars Wetlands SMA has teamed up with the Overberg Renosterveld Conservation Trust and the Overberg Crane Group to monitor 25 chosen bird species. All the species are specialist, threatened or endemic to the region.

The two species we’re still looking for are:

  • The Marsh owl and
  • The Cape Eagle owl.


So birders are asked to let us know should you identify them here.

The project launched at the start of this year and has challenged birders to monitor the 25 species across a 150km area in the Overberg until the end of 2018.

So far between January and October, the project has:

  • Included 46 participants;
  • Recorded 207 bird species;
  • Including more than 19,000 sightings.

The participants make use of Birdlife South Africa’s cellphone app, Birdlasser. Sightings are logged on the app – with this info available to the birding experts to make sense of the data.

In the Nuwejaars Wetlands SMA, more than 800 bird sightings have been recorded, covering a distance of 900km (the Tygerberg Bird Club has donated funds to support this monitoring work).

Through these monitoring tools, we’ve compiled a valuable database of sightings – providing key information to better understand population numbers and trends over the long term.



There’s one more species you really should look out for…

The Southern Black Korhaan is one of those target species – and is one we’ve been monitoring closely of late. Numbers have fallen dramatically over the past 20 years (with fewer than 10 birds sighted during the Coordinated Avian Road count in 2017). The loss of natural vegetation and urbanization are seen as major reasons for the decline.

So any sightings of the Southern Black Korhaan should also be captured; please send us a dropped pin marking the spot.