We’re bucking the technology trend – just a little bit. Head into nature, and you’ll be encouraged to ditch your technology, to experience nature first hand.

While we completely agree with this mindset, on this ONE occasion, we actually really want our visitors – in this case school children – to bring their cellphones and tablets along with them.


Why? Because then we can see what lessons and images they take home with them.


Photographing an image, making a video or quickly typing some notes – that’s how many of our youth will remember their trip. They’re able to return to the excursion through images and memories, go beyond what was said and hopefully learn even more via the internet.

The NWSMA team also encourages children to take part in a photography competition on the day. So they bend down, get their knees a bit dirty and snap a shot of a beautiful fynbos flower or a little critter. This gets the creative juices flowing, and sparks photography skills.

Take a look at some of the photos already taken on some of our environmental education tours to date.


Many children grow up in technology-savvy homes these days. While many children love playing games or listening to music on their devices, in this case, we’re turning a digital device into a learning tool. And we hope this will create an appreciation and excitement for our natural world.


Of course, we know not all children have, or are allowed digital devices. And we respect this. In these cases, we also look to provide the children with other goods and memories that will stay with them forever.

Remember: Aside from a cellphone or tablet (if your child has this), also pack in:

  • Water and snacks
  • Good walking shoes
  • And sunblock.
For more info, contact Liesbet:

[icon name=icon_mail] liesbet@nuwejaars.com